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Five Things To Do If You’ve Been Injured on the Job

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1. Report your injury to your employer immediately and seek medical attention.

Immediately see your employer’s on-site health care provider. If there isn’t one available, your employer may advise you to go see a designated health care office specifically for work injuries. If an off-site health care office related to your employer does not exist, seek medical care from your family doctor or the emergency room.

2. Inform your health care provider of the incident.

Be clear that your injury is related to your work and provide the name of your employer. Your health care provider is then able to bill any treatment you receive as a workers’ compensation claim.

3. File a Form 18 about your claim against the employer.

The Form 18 must be submitted to the North Carolina Industrial Commission. You may fill out the form electronically and submit online or complete the standard PDF version. Your employer should then submit a Form 19, which is the first report of injury (FROI) they send when an employee makes a claim.

4. Provide a written statement to your employer about the incident within 30 days.

Keep track of everything, such as the date and time you were injured, what you were doing, etc. Give this notice to your employer and keep a copy for your records. If your injury prevents you from being able to write, have a friend or family member write it for you.

5. Contact an lawyer as soon as possible if your injury prevents you from working.

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation System’s goal is to ensure you receive good health care and treatment in order for you to recover from your injury and go back to work at 100% capability. But if your injury prevents you from working like you did before, it’s time to get in touch with a workers’ comp attorney. For additional information please refer to the North Carolina Industrial Commission website.

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Frank Prior

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Sherman Lee Criner

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Ashley M. Edwards

Ashley is a NC attorney and certified mediator in North and South Carolina, Ashley has represented hundreds of clients and mediated thousands of cases for attorneys, insurance carriers and private companies. 

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“This is the place to go if you get hurt on the job Ashley and his paralegal Janet are really nice and super easy to talk to and they take the time to really listen to your problems and get you the help you need and deserve."

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“They came out took out time to listen very smart he knows what he's talking about he heard me out and took my case under difficult sircumstances and i highly advise this is the law firm to consider."

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“Great Experience with a caring lawyer who took the time to actually meet with me. He handled my case to the end and explained everything. Highly recommended."


“Ashley is very knowledgeable and relatable to his clients, to opposing counsel, and to all parties when acting as mediator. "

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“Ashley didn't always tell me what I wanted to hear but he always told me the truth. He is very knowledgeable and professional... I would highly recommend Ashley if you feel the need to hire an attorney. "


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