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If you or someone you know is injured from a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, and you’re considering filing a claim, we suggest seeking legal advice from a local personal injury attorney. At Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys, we’re aware of certain time limits in which injured persons may file a personal injury lawsuit and we want to make sure you’re taken care of. Contact us today for a free consultation about your case.

Slip and Fall Personal Injuries

Whether it happens at a store or a friend’s home, slip and falls accidents occur often.

Slips and falls can happen from all types of dangerous conditions, whether it’s torn carpeting, poor lighting, narrow stairs, wet floors, or cracked public sidewalks. Depending on the situation, sometimes the property owner is at fault for an injured party’s grievances and in other cases they’re not held responsible. No matter what, the victim must sustain some type of injury in order to try and collect from a claim.

There isn’t an exact way to determine when someone else is legally responsible for your injuries if you slip and fall. What they can look at is whether the property owner acted on and fixed the problem so that slipping and falling isn’t likely to happen, or whether you were careless in not seeing or avoiding the situation that caused the fall. To win a claim, you must prove that your slip and fall on someone else’s property was because of a dangerous condition that the property owner knew about and that you did not. 

    To show that a property owner was aware a dangerous condition existed, it must be proven that:

    • The owner created the dangerous condition
    • The owner knew the condition existed and failed to correct it
    • The condition existed for long enough that the owner should have noticed before the slip and fall accident occurred
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        If a slip and fall occurs on a commercial property, how you hold the owner of the establishment responsible is slightly different. You must prove that:

        • The owner of the business caused of the dangerous condition
        • The owner of the business knew about the condition and did nothing about it
        • The owner of the business should have known about the condition because a reasonable person taking care of the property would have discovered and fixed the issue

          When slip and fall accidents occur at a rental property owned by a landlord, the landlord may be held liable to tenants or third parties for any accidents. To prove a landlord is at fault for the accident, the tenant must show that:

          • The landlord had control over the dangerous condition that caused the accident
          • The landlord could have repaired the dangerous condition by taking reasonable actions
          • The landlord knew a serious injury could happen because of the failure to fix the condition
          • The landlord failed to act and fix the condition to avoid any potential accidents

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